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bring out the lioness
"My heart is so tired"
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Messin With My Head - k.flay

"is it the way you touched my shoulder blades
how you just seemed to fill in all the blanks
when i pushed you pulled, you always made me feel so beautiful
is it the way your hand fit into mine
told me you’d hold me til the end of time
i’m just lost at sea without you next to me

so fuck you and everything you said
it was all lies, messin with my head”

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Doctor Who Gallifreyan tattoo.  Done by Nick at Sirens Studios, Syracuse, New York.


For those of us in favor of marriage equality AND corgis. 

(I saw them on David Nguyen’s Facebook page.)

"You want me to be a tragic backdrop so that you can appear to be illuminated, so that people can say ‘Wow, isn’t he so terribly brave to love a girl who is so obviously sad?’ You think I’ll be the dark sky so you can be the star? I’ll swallow you whole."
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I was so confused until I clicked the gif. HOLY FUCK!!

I’m laughing so hard omg

I laughed very unladylike at this…

Is it weird that I already knew they were imitating that creepy fucking owl GIF??

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Elliot Hindes

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Limited Edition of 5; “Untitled” Etching Print

Printed by hand & now available on Greenhouse Blues!

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